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The Menopause Empress

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Loving Me, Myself & “Her”:Through Perimenopause & Beyond

After women approaching menopause read my book or hear me speak, their mind will be TRANSFORMED.  I show them how to proactively embrace the "change'' worry-free!  I strive to motivate women to practice self-love on their wellness journey to a healthy mind, body and spirit at every age, especially after 40.


Speaking events give me the opportunity (outside of the office) to share my own experiences through the transition to illustrate my journey is not remote from women around the world.

What I Specialize In

Menopause Education

Sexual Health Education

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


Midlife Changes 

The Journey Towards a Healthy Menopausal Transition begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Medical Monday Radio Broadcast

You’ve heard the terms before.  Hot flashes, private or personal summer, and the change.   All of them referring to what many, many women will eventually experience… menopause.  During our Medical Monday conversation… we’ll try to peel back the mysterious layers of menopause.

Check out the latest episode:

Medical Monday - Menopause WHUR 96.3 FM

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