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Menopause Moguls™ :The Power of the P.A.U.S.E Program

is designed for professional women of color 40 and over who want to get off that roller coaster ride of perimenopause that is blocking their ability to act on their vision and aspirations for creating a business of their own.


You will learn how to minimize and manage your perimenopausal symptoms using simple integrative strategies.  Your shift in mindset and energy will allow you to execute the steps necessary to attain success in entrepreneurship.

What you’ll get:

  • 12 months of live group coaching calls with Dr. Joy’El

  • One 1:1 coaching call with Dr. Joy’El to clarify your goals then create a strategy unique to your needs

  • 1:1 access to Dr. Joy'El via Voxer

  • Plant-based nutrition plan and supplements

  • 1 year access to purchase additional nutrition and supplement products

  • Weekly check-ins and review of your assignments

  • Private client-only Facebook group



This program was everything for me (seriously). It was the investment in myself that I needed. My goals were to have clarity for major career and personal decisions, to gain energy (I was tired), weight loss and to gain an overall feeling of wellness.


The coaching was personal informative, encouraging, engaging and inspirational. The group meetings were everything. The sisterhood, support and accountability BLESSED ME! Today, I have everything that I need to move forward. Almost immediately in the program I had clarity on my career goals by just talking it through with the group and during the one on one meetings. I am almost 10 pounds lighter (this wasn’t easy). And, I am off of the migraine cycle and feeling much better!

Janeen W.

Dr. Joy'El is such a beautiful person, inside and out! She believes in the program as well as our power as women to come out on top. The communication was top tier! Any questions I had were answered. She provided all of the information necessary for me to make an informed decision. She asked me all of the important questions, and encouraged me to invest in myself and participate in the program- which has definitely impacted my life for the better! When I joined the program, I had goals to buckle down on my nutrition, to learn how to recognize what my body needs, as well as trusting and listening to those signs- and being able to give myself what is best, as I make this transition in womanhood.

Coaching has been wonderful! Not only did I receive coaching from a knowledgeable, successful, professional- I received coaching from a woman who has been where I am and has compassion, understanding and the undeniable desire for all of us to succeed. With those things combined, coaching was both informative and transformative. I received 1 on 1 support, as well as group time for reflection and sharing, which provided personal attention, support and accountability. I came in with an open mind and ready to do the work. What I wasn't prepared for, was to form a bond and develop friendships --- a sisterhood.


Since finishing the program, I have continued to incorporate all of the tools within the modules and have continued to thrive in general, and I feel great! I have stepped outside of my comfort zone in some situations, found my voice in others, and taken steps to invest in other areas of my life to keep the progression going! I've also gained some friends to continue to share and support as time goes on. I am grateful to have had this experience!

Thank you so much!

Latrice R.

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