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Menopause Moguls™ Speaking Engagements




Diedra M.

Dr. Ballard is a passionate, engaging and interactive speaker who authentically cares about the wellness of women. She creates such positive energy and a safe space for all women to share their thoughts and feelings on mind, body, spirit and work/life balance. The total human experience for today's woman. I recommend her to speak at your next women's event, as it will truly be a treat and you will be on the right path to wellness.


Kathy E.

When I think of Dr. Ballard, I think of the word extraordinary because that is what she is. The passion she has to inform women of all ages about the importance of wellness for the mind, body and soul is so inspiring and very much needed.. I recommend her as a Speaker at your next event and as a Medical Professional. My life has been enriched just by knowing her. I appreciate her for what she is doing in the Community for women through her speaking engagements and her books.


Ti'Keya L.

Dr. Joy'El Ballard is always sharing the truth about what we need as women. We are uniquely made and so we need unique care. She gives all the details and explains things in a way that's understandable. She has been very kind and I loved working with her. The information she shared with the audience at The B.F.F. Experience 2019 was life changing for some. I am forever grateful for her blessing us all and I'm so glad she was there. The women in the room walked away with some new information and more knowledge about what we as women need. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a women's health expert she is that and more.

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