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Healthy Aging

I know some of you don't look forward to getting older but isn't it better than the alternative? Once I changed my mindset and made some lifestyle changes,  Menopause doesn't look scary any more. Let's utilize our gift of aging together and celebrate each milestone. 

The Journey to Healthy Aging

"Dr. Joy'El, what's a good diet to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?"

This is a common question I hear in the office, especially from women experiencing perimenopause and menopausal symptoms. My really shouldn't be a "diet" but a lifestyle that you are able to maintain. Those crash diets may allow you to lose some pounds but will you be able to keep it off? Not likely!

Instead I challenge you to Eat the Rainbow because you are what you eat!

Order my book and join my Facebook group to learn more about certain foods that help lessen the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Be mindful of what you are putting in your body. The 30 Days to Healthy Living helps you accomplish that! Take a look and contact me to discuss how it will help you in your health & wellness journey.

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The Menopause Journey

Let me guide you through the Menopausal Makeover.

Emotional, Mental and Physical changes that catch many by surprise. Many women associate menopause with doom & gloom or a Menopausal Takeover because they feel like they are having an out of body experience during this transition.  Many are uncomfortable in their bodies due to the extra pounds that come along with aging.  Or annoyed because those extra pounds are stubborn and difficult to lose. Allow me to transform your mindset and experience this menopausal transition as a Makeover by reclaiming your mind and body through healthy nutrition and eating that is intentional.

Let me empower you to "reset" and jump start your wellness journey that will allow you more energy and focus so you can manage your weight in a healthy manner.

I view all women as my Sisters in Health and Wellness, so let’s support each other as we embrace the evolution of ourselves....and remember to Live for Today, Laugh Often and Love Yourself through it all!

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