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Menopause is not for sissies!! Your mom may have sat you down to have the “sex talk” while you were a teenager. But did she sit you down to have the “menopause talk” since you’ve been an adult? She didn’t? Well, menopause isn’t usually a common topic of discussion, most likely because a lot of women experience several changes that they would like to forget during menopause or the menopausal transition – unpleasant changes that a lot of women would like to suppress. You may have heard your mom complain about hot flashes or what some may call “personal summers”, but she didn’t warn you, did she? Most women are unaware of what those are until it hits them in the face…literally. A sudden sensation of extreme heat in the upper body, particularly the face, neck and chest that can be overwhelming and embarrassing!So, the principles of Loving Me, Myself and “Her” are:●Loving Me is defined by loving who you are. The person you look at in the mirror every day.●Loving Myself is defined by loving what I stand for and what I am becoming.●Loving “Her” is simply showing love and respect for your vagina.●LOVE YOURSELF through it all; The glowing beads of sweat, the love handles and the vagina that needs extra loving!Let’s turn this “menopause takeover” into a menopause makeover! So, let’s get started!

Loving Me, Myself & Her: Through Perimenopause & Beyond

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